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WWOOF Bulgaria 0033

near Elhovo city, Bulgaria

We are part of a community who are regenerating damaged land in South Bulgaria, to create a model of harmoniou...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0054

Tamarino, Bulgaria

A place for creative people who are not afraid to build compleatly new world :)


WWOOF Bulgaria 0000

Sofia, Bulgaria

Jolly English/Bulgarian couple looking after beautiful cob farm houses in the mountains. Looking for help with...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0071

Sliven, Bulgaria

Easy access, great food and amazing gardening opportunities. New garden! Creativity and extravagance are welco...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0008

Varna, Bulgaria

Ostrich farm and petting zoo near Varna - your chance to experience these amazing animals up close in a beauti...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0005

Damianitza, Bulgaria

Farm and winery. We follow the methods of Joel Salatin, Allan Savory, using bio-dynamic preparations and shari...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0037

Elhovo/ village Malomirovo, Bulgaria

We are a part of community and the foundation "URA GORA"(Hurray Forest), which aim to regenerate a land destr...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0080

Kynazhevo , Bulgaria

I have had my House in Bulgaria for 10 years & we requiring help to make raised vegetable gardens, pathways & ...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0092


Hi, I am a high energy person who likes to help when I can. If I can't help I will try to find a solution. I...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0085

Ruse, Bulgaria

This is a small new venture providing recreational learning on a small historic village in Bulgaria. Market pr...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0074

Sofia , Bulgaria

Poliana is organic and biodynamic husbandry that comprises approx. 180 ha - almonds, vineyards, lavender, rose...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0084

Nevestino, Bulgaria

Seeking volunteers for a wide variety of projects on our homestead.


WWOOF Bulgaria 0086

Kovachevo, Bulgaria

We are a family of four located in the south foothills of Pirin mountain. A few years ago we started a project...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0053

Chepleten , Bulgaria

In the heart of the RHODOPES cultivation of organic vegetables Des contacts quotidiens avec un village pomak.


WWOOF Bulgaria 0082

Zlataritsa, Bulgaria

I am currently building an eco house of clay materials. I also have a plantation of 300 young plum trees 5 km ...


WWOOF Bulgaria 0065

Panicherevo, Bulgaria

We are growing oil-bearing roses in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. We aim to produce as sustainable and organic as...